Collet Maintenance

collets It is vital to carry out regular collet maintenance. Westwind suggests collet maintenance is performed every 100 operating hours for removable collets, and every 24 hours for bonded collets. However, the actual frequency of collet maintenance can be dependent on application, usage and environment.

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Use Westwind’s Collets guide to check which
collet system your spindle has.

Positive Lock Collet Maintenance Instructions
Collet Torque Test Procedure

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Collet Maintenance Equipment

Collet maintenance kits are available to buy for all main collet types. These include lubricant and a collet locking tool, specifically designed to enable the collet to be set correctly.

Torque test kits are available containing full equipment and instructions for checking collet torque – an indication of collet performance. Collet torque (gripping strength) tends to reduce as the collet is used, due to dust and debris generated during normal use. To preserve the collet torque and dynamic runout within specification, and maintain optimum spindle performance, good maintenance is essential, together with the use of correct materials (grease, solvent, etc.).
collet maintenance kit

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