Technical FAQs

  1. My spindle requires spare parts urgently. Why shouldn’t I consider alternative components?
    Westwind spare parts are manufactured to the same high quality and tolerances as our spindles (Westwind is ISO 9000 registered). Westwind manufactured collets are specifically designed to operate at the high rotational speeds and dynamic run-out accuracy demanded by our customers. Alternative components cannot only reduce the life of the spindle but may also affect product quality and output. Experience has shown that by fitting only genuine Westwind replacement parts can the original high productivity, consistent accuracy and outstanding operating characteristics of Westwind spindles be maintained.

  2. After several trouble free years the shaft on my spindle has become sticky, and does not revolve as freely. What should I do?
    It is likely that contamination over a period of time has prevented the shaft from floating freely. We strongly recommend the unit be returned to your local recognised Westwind service centre for investigation.

  3. What is the maximum hole size that can be drilled with my PCB spindle?
    Please refer to your machine manufacturers recommendations, however currently 6.35mm is the maximum Westwind would recommend for most spindles.

  4. What type of collet maintenance does Westwind recommend on my PCB spindle and how often?
    This should be carried out at intervals recommended by the machine manufacturer. You are strongly advised to refer to the appropriate Westwind collet maintenance booklet (available free on request), and to use the Westwind collet maintenance kit available through your machine supplier. However, as a general rule we would recommend a maximum of 5,000 hours between removal/cleaning/re-setting, although some end users maintain their collets every 100 hours.

  5. What type of water should be used in the coolant system?
    Westwind recommend the use of distilled water with the addition of chemical agents to prevent algae or bacterial growth. Each spindle needs an uninterrupted flow at between 16-20ºC. Many spindles used in production are fitted with temperature sensors that shut the machine down before damage is done.

  6. What does Westwind mean by clean, adequately filtered air?
    By clean air we mean the supply should be filtered to better than 0.01 microns and 99.99% free from oil and water as a liquid or vapour with a PDP (Pressure Dew Point) @ 7°C. Westwind are able to supply suitable filter units. Please note that in all cases we strongly recommend that the compressor system is backed up by a reservoir tank to maintain a steady pressure and to minimise the effects of an air failure.

  7. What type of preventative maintenance should be performed on my Westwind Spindle?
    Westwind spindles, when correctly installed and supplied with clean adequately filtered air, give many years service with the minimum of attention. Routine maintenance is limited to changing the air filter elements so that the air supply remains uncontaminated. Guidelines can be found online for spindle and collet Maintenance.