Wafer Grinding

Westwind supplies state-of-the-art wheelhead and workhead air bearing spindles, with speeds up to 15,000 rpm, to many major equipment OEMs for wafer back grinding applications up to 300mm diameter. A dual shaft design, which performs both rough grind and finish grind operations with a single spindle, is one of Westwind’s latest developments for improved productivity.

Westwind also supplies high speed notch grinding spindles with rotational speeds up to 150,000 rpm. These spindles have the latest electric motor technology used in the PCB drilling industry, whilst lower speed air turbine driven products are also available. For wafer edge grinding applications, larger spindles with speeds of about 70,000 rpm can be used.

Features include:
  • Smooth rotation
  • Minimal vibration
  • High bearing stiffness
Air bearing advantages:

High speed and low vibration
M290 grinding spindle

wafer grinding

For further information about Westwind's wafer grinding spindles,
please e-mail wwinfo@westind-airbearings.com.