Wafer Dicing

Westwind has played a major role in the development of dicing spindles for over 25 years. Westwind has built excellent working relationships with leading dicing machine manufacturers around the world and many Westwind spindles have become the industry-standard.

Used for dicing silicon, ferrite and other hard materials, Westwind spindles are capable of carrying single or multiple blades with diameters from 50mm to 100mm. The D1591 and D1592 spindles are Westwind’s most popular wafer dicing spindles.

Features include:
  • Longer bodies for greater reach
  • Powerful, brushless DC motor technology
  • High rotational speeds up to 60,000 rpm
Air bearing advantages:

High speed and low vibration
K&S Wafer Dicing

dicing spindle

For further information about Westwind's wafer dicing spindles,
please e-mail wwinfo@westind-airbearings.com.