Specialist Products

Westwind has a wealth of experience in providing bespoke solutions to a broad spectrum of industries around the world. Click on a highlighted application below to find out more:

Balancing Injector drilling/grinding
Boring Inspection
Centrifuges Ion Implantation
Coatings Linear slides
Compact disc turning Milling
Compressors Micro Machining
Deburring PCB Drilling
Diamond turning PCB Routing
Engraving Piston turning
Fans Pumps
Flowmeters Rotary Scanning
Fly cutting Rotary tables
Grinding Viscometers
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Writing & Verification
Wafer Dicing
High Speed machining Wafer Grinding
Infra-red imaging  

If you would like to find out more about how Westwind air bearings could benefit your application, email wwinfo@westind-airbearings.com.

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