Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Writing & Verification

With the ever-increasing demand for higher disk densities and smaller form factor products, Westwind provides unique solutions to the disk media test spindle market. Westwind has built strong relationships with many OEM market leaders, providing disk spindles to satisfy demands for media writing and media/head testing.

Westwind spindles enable the production of high capacity HDDs by supporting the disc while recording reference tracks on it at up to 300,000 tracks per inch. For conventional head and disk test spinstand systems, Westwind’s series of stand-alone spindles can be used as drop-in replacements. Custom designs include spindle solutions for out-of-drive media writing and patented disk holding chucks.
  • Brushless DC motors
  • Non-repetitive runout less than 0.3 micro inch
  • Spindle speeds up to 30,000 rpm
Air bearing advantages:

Zero contamination & Precision rotation
disk writing spindles

For further information about Westwind's disk spindles,
please e-mail wwinfo@westind-airbearings.com.