Repair FAQs

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Westwind’s Service Centre. If the question you are looking for is not displayed, please email: Spindle Services
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Spindle Services

Can Westwind repair other manufacturers’ spindles?

No, we can only provide service on Westwind air bearing spindles.

What happens if you can’t repair the spindle?
Westwind will advise you if the spindle is beyond economic repair when the quotation is sent.

Do you supply exchange spindles?
Yes. Westwind can supply service exchange spindles for some Westwind spindle models (please e-mail

Is an RMA number required?
Yes, an RMA number is required in advance to ensure a faster turnaround time of your spindle.


What is the average price of a spindle repair?
The price can vary from about approximately £275 to £1000.

Does the price include shipping costs?
No. All freight charges are additional to the quoted repair price.

Will you send a quote before starting the work?

Yes. You will receive a quotation within one week.

How long does the repair quotation last?
Our standard terms are 30 days from its date of issue.

Why should I use Westwind when I can get my spindle repaired cheaper elsewhere?
Westwind components are manufactured to original design specifications and to the highest quality to give accurate, long-term performance. The “perfectly good repair” from another supplier may only last a couple of hours, days or weeks. Westwind only fit genuine new parts, rather than refurbished parts and can also replace any other non-original parts to warranty the repair.

Can you offer a volume discount?
No. However, we can propose fixed repair pricing agreements for large end user accounts with repair history.

Payment terms

Does an account have to be set up for every new customer?
Yes. We need to open an account to enable an RMA to be raised because Westwind’s computer system requires a customer reference.

How long will it take to open my account?
Usually two to three days.


What is the turnaround time for a repair spindle?
The average turnaround time to repair a PCB spindle is two weeks once approval has been received and depending on parts required.

Do you carry spare parts in stock?
Yes. Many items are now ex-stock.

My spindle requires spare parts urgently. Why shouldn’t I consider alternative components?
Westwind spare parts are manufactured to the same high quality and tolerances as our spindles and are subject to our demanding quality control procedures.

Can Westwind give a quicker turnaround than normal as my machine is down now?
Yes. We will try to assist our customers with a special turnaround if possible.

Delivery terms

How much is the return freight charge going to be?
All prices quoted are for goods delivered ex-works. Unless the purchaser’s order states otherwise, Westwind will arrange carriage, which will be invoiced at an extra charge.

Can I use my own freight agent?
Yes. The customer can specify which freight agent they wish to use.


What is the warranty period for the repair?
Six months from shipment date for a PCB air bearing spindle. Three months from shipment date for a specialist air bearings spindle (used in non-PCB applications).

Communication and help

Can you give me advice on spindle maintenance?
Yes. One of our representatives will be in touch with the customer if required. Alternatively visit our online Technical Support section.

What type of report is included in the repair?
A repair evaluation report is supplied, which shows the cause of failure and the parts that have been replaced, together with new test sheets and vibration/runout traces.