PCB Overview

As the World's only volume spindle supplier, Westwind has established an extensive range of proven PCB spindles, many of which are recognised as the industry standard.

Working alongside the world's leading drilling machine manufacturers, Westwind has developed a range of spindles with speeds in excess of 370,000 rpm, enabling microvia production down to 75µm diameter holes. With more Westwind spindles in use around the globe than any other, we are able to offer a variety of solutions dependent on your application, including air bearing spindles for drilling/routing, full range
drilling and high speed microvia drilling.

Due to the ever increasing demand for smaller hole sizes in drilling, we continue to develop our spindles for higher speed.

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Alternatively, for further information on Westwind's PCB spindles, please email wwinfo@westind-airbearings.com.

Spindles in a drilling machine