Customised Solutions

Helping you deliver the next generation’s enabling technology

Your Development Partner

By providing targeted innovation, Westwind has helped many OEM’s define industry-leading technologies for the toughest application challenges.

Westwind is well placed to engineer bespoke solutions to challenging technical and process requirements.

Westwind’s enabling technologies make the difference. We have experience in:
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Automotive coating
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Many other sectors where performance
    needs are outside the scope of conventional
    bearing technology
Choose Westwind Air Bearings

Air Bearing Benefits include:
  • High precision
  • High integrity design solutions
  • Cleanliness of operation
  • Operate in high vacuum environments
  • High rotational speed – up to 300k rpm
  • High load capacity up to 300kfg
  • High constant stiffness up to 300Nm
  • NRR <12Nm in production volumes
  • Consistent performance & long life
Westwind’s team will assist in validating your opportunity, ensuring the design meets the most demanding application and commercial parameters. Working together through all stages of development – Concept, Design & Execution – Westwind will provide customised designs to match your requirements.

If you have a challenging application requiring a high-precision, high integrity solution…speak to Westwind!


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