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  Greater Precision
  High Speed
  Increased Tool Life
  Improved Surface Finish
  Long Bearing Life
  Low Thermal Growth
  Lack of Maintenance
  Reduced Vibration

Large Load Capacity

Air bearings can support heavy loads, allowing them to be applied to many industrial machine tool applications.

Air bearing design can incorporate heavy load-carrying capacity, high stiffness capability, or a combination of the two. In many air bearing applications where spindle speeds are relatively low, large diameter radial and axial bearings can be incorporated.

Radial bearing loads up to 500kg.
Axial bearing loads up to 1000 kg.

The graph to the right shows the load capacity with increasing spindle shaft diameter.

Large grinding spindle for semiconductor wafter grinding


Weight (approx):
161kg (355 lbs)

Dimensions (approx. Ø x l): 280mm x 855mm

Radial load capacity against shaft journal diameter
(L/D = 1)

capacity graph

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