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  Greater Precision
  Increased Tool Life
  Improved Surface Finish
  Long Bearing Life
  Low Thermal Growth
  Lack of Maintenance
  Large Load Capacity
  Reduced Vibration

High Speed

Low shear forces within the air bearing allow extremely high rotational speeds with minimal loss of power and very low heat generation. Speeds can exceed 300,000 rpm.

Air bearings have low fractional drag, permitting high speed whilst retaining very low vibration levels. The frictional resistance to rotation of an air bearing is very small and, subsequently, the loss of power and heat generation is also very small. This allows the shaft to be run at very high surface speeds. In some spindles the higher rotational speeds will result in increased bearing stiffness caused by the properties of aerodynamic and gyroscopic stiffening.

Table showing current maximum speeds of Westwind air bearing spindles in different market sectors

high speed graph

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